Standard Music Description Language (SMDL)

4 Notations Used in This International Standard

The notation and presentation conventions of this International Standard are the same as those used in the HyTime International Standard.

HyTime is, in turn, based on SGML (ISO 8879:1986) International Standard, an information markup language and architectural design tool.

Reading this International Standard in the absence of a detailed understanding of SGML could create the impression that SMDL is extremely (even hopelessly) verbose, especially when compared with less abstr act music description languages. This impression would be quite incorrect. SGML provides several facilities for minimizing SGML markup, and, therefore, it is not necessary to address this issue separately in the context of this International Standard. Experiments have demonstrated that SMDL documents can be represented quite tersely and compactly, and yet still readably, if SGML's markup minimization features are used in appropriate ways.

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