Standard Music Description Language (SMDL)

10 Bibliographic Information (bibinfo)

The architectural form bibliographic information (bibinfo) contains bibliographic and discographic data for the cataloging of a piece. Bibliographic information can optionally be associated with the work as a whole, and with each performance, score, or analysis.

Information architects may wish to include themes elements in the content model of their bibinfo-form elements in actual DTDs.

<!--Bibliographic Data -->
<!element bibinfo
--Bibliographic data --
-O ANY --Usermust define own structure. --
<!attlist bibinfo
SMDL NAME bibinfo

10.1 Themes (themes)

The architectural form themes (themes) contains links to the cantus that pinpoint key passages (and/or or famous passages) for the purpose of identification of the work.

A themes element allows a cataloging application, for instance, to locate and then display or perform a well known passage, thus making it easy for the user to verify that the correct piece has been accessed.

<!--Themes -->
<!element themes
--Themes that best identify the work (e.g., incipit) --
-O ( ilink)* > <!attlist themes SMDL NAME themes

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